Benguerra Island

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A tropical paradise tucked into a lush indigenous forest and looking out onto a picturesque crescent of sandy beach, andBeyond Benguerra Island is the quintessential luxury island retreat.


Room Types


Two cabanas are set under local thatch, amongst a lush island forest. The cabanas boast a light and airy colour scheme that combines tropical chic with a distinct African feel and reminders of the area’s Portuguese heritage. The cosy interiors of the cabanas makes them perfect for couples and honeymooners. The cabanas are slightly smaller than casinhas and vertical in shape. There is no sitting area in the cabanas, however a lounger is located at the foot of the bed. The ensuite bathroom features an outdoor shower and is located behind the bed. The cabanas offer private timber decks and cool rim flow pools. There is also a private sala with a hanging daybed, as well as private sun loungers situated on the beach.



Ten casinhas are set under local thatch, amongst a lush island forest. The casinhas boast a light and airy colour scheme that combines tropical chic with a distinct African feel and reminders of the area’s Portuguese heritage. An ensuite bathroom is located on one side of the bedroom and a small sitting area is located on the other side of the bed.The casinhas offer private timber decks and cool rim flow pools. There is also a private sala with a hanging daybed, as well as private sun loungers situated on the beach.


Casa Familia

Ideal for families or groups, the Casa Familia features a main guest room with a lounge area and two interleading rooms on each side. The interlinking hallways between the rooms are used as walk-in closets. Each room has an ensuite bathroom and outside shower. The Casa Familia boasts a large deck area with a private pool overlooking the beach. There is also a private sala with a hanging daybed and an outdoor shower, as well as private sun loungers situated on the beach.


Activities and Services

Scuba Diving

If you have previous diving experience then you can enjoy a fantastic excursion to the Bazaruto Archipelago, accompanied by the lodge guide. Those with limited to no diving experience can enjoy a guided introduction to a whole new world of mystery, wonder and beauty! Dives sites vary according to experience and requests. Additional costs apply.



Snorkelling is ideal for those who do not wish to do a scuba diving accreditation but who want to confidently explore the shallower coral reefs, situated off Benguerra Island, with the help of a snorkel. A guided snorkelling course is also available at an additional cost, offered by andBeyond’s Benguerra Island specialist dive masters, and covers safety procedures, equipment, currents and suggested snorkelling spots.


Castaway Picnic

Spend an afternoon indulging on a mouth-watering “Cast-Away” picnic and explore the highest dune in the Bazaruto Archipelago. You will have the opportunity to simply put your feet up and enjoy the breathtaking, 360 degree views of South Point – bring your camera along for excellent photographic opportunities and keep a look out for frolicking dolphins at play.



The Bazaruto Archipelago is a world-renowned fishing destination. The shallow flats between the islands and the mainland provide an excellent breeding ground for baitfish, which in turn provides sustenance for the numerous species of abundant game fish in the Archipelago. You can enjoy an assortment of fishing options on this (2-hour, half day or full day) adventure. These include light tackle fishing in the bay, fly-fishing in the open ocean or even targeting the oceans kingpin, the marlin. Hop aboard a versatile fishing boat, equipped with fishing tackle and safety equipment, and enjoy a fishing adventure unlike any other with your professional guide. The lodge and the fishing grounds are situated in a National Park – bottom fishing is not allowed and catch-and-release of all species is encouraged. Additional costs apply.


Helicopter Sightseeing

Experience Mozambique from above. Hop aboard a helicopter and fly along the coastline of Benguerra Island and marvel at the crystal clear water and pristine white beaches with a bird’s eye view. Additional costs apply.


Dhow Cruise

Hop aboard a traditional dhow (a wooden sailing vessel owned by one of the local people of the island and mostly used for fishing). A friendly fisherman will fetch you from your Casita or Cabana in the late afternoon, where you will board his dhow for an unforgettable cruise around the bay.


Island Drives

The adventure can be tailored according to your requirements and varies from a 30 minute trip to the school or 2 hours around the Island. The journey will take you past the lakes and dunes on the northern side of the island, past the school, the church and through the village so you can interact with some of the local people and find out more about the community projects that are run on the island.


Horse Riding Safaris

Horseback riding is the perfect activity to take in the exceptional beauty of Benguerra Island. Enjoy a different perspective of this piece of paradise, at a pace that is comfortable for you. Nine horses and a dedicated guide, based at Benguerra Lodge, are on hand to introduce you to fantastic trails (suitable for all riding levels from first time to experienced riders). Additional costs apply.


Swimming with Horses

Equine enthusiasts of all ages, and riding levels, will have the memorable opportunity to enjoy a fun-filled Swimming with Horses adventure, on &Beyond Benguerra Island. Dress down for the occasion, in just your swimwear, and ride bareback into azure waters, floating amongst the waves on top of your mount. Expect plentiful splashing, and bouts of laughter, as the horses absolutely love to frolic in the ocean. Afterwards, hop off your steed and allow them to enjoy a well-deserved roll on the beach. This 30 to 45 minute adventure allows for a maximum of 4 guests per swim and is perfect as a standalone activity or can be added after a more extensive horseback exploration of the island. The Swimming with Horses activity is seasonal as well as weather and tide dependent. Additional costs apply.


Would you like some advice?


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Benguerra Island


Benguerra Island
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